What are Header Tags?

Header Tags: Everything That You Must Know!

What are Header Tags? Header tags have always been known to define the hierarchy for the content spun around; headers are likely to grab the attention of every reader. Header tags are usually brief but effectively communicate the core message of the concept discussed within the text. Moreover, webpages with headings and subheadings look well-organized, …

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What Are Hreflang Attributes?

What Are Hreflang Attributes

What Are Hreflang Attributes? There are websites from all over the world on the internet, and language obstacles can make it hard for people to communicate. Imagine going online to look for something special and getting search results in a language you don’t know.  Or, imagine that a global company accidentally showed its German website …

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What is an H1 Tag?

What is an H1 Tag?

What is an H1 Tag? There can be several headers on each page or post. The first header that can be seen on a website is the H1> HTML tag, which is normally utilized for the title of a page or post. An h1 is frequently formatted differently than the other header tags on a …

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What is Link Velocity?

What is Link Velocity?

What is Link Velocity? Backlinks – one of Google’s most significant ranking criteria. In other words, Google considers the number of high-quality, pertinent links pointing to your website from other websites and ranks your site appropriately when someone conducts a Google search.  Google’s algorithm functions similarly to a highway cop. You will get caught if …

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