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Local SEO Services to get more local clients

Conversion-focused Local SEO Company in Oakville that ensures high search engine rankings for local keyword searches, leading to more footfall into your business. 

Increase Sales and Customer Footfall through Local SEO Services in Oakville

Local Visibility

As your business starts to appear for more and more locally targeted keywords in the top search rankings on Google, more and more customers will know and learn about your business whenever they are searching for products or services in your industry

More Foot Traffic

Your business attracts more foot traffic by improving its visibility in local search results, making it easier for nearby customers to find and visit their physical location.  

More sales

As these customers are those people who are looking to solve their problems through your product or services, they are likely to result in completing their purchase. 

Driving Lead Generation with SEO Company in Oakville

Have a steady stream of more search engine traffic and qualified organic leads to your business by using local SEO services that help reach new local audiences.

Local SEO Audit

Taking a systematic, step-by-step approach, we conduct a local SEO audit to assess your business’s current visibility and performance in local organic search results and Google My Business audit.

Keyword Research

Through Keyword research, we help you identify the specific keywords and phrases that potential customers in your local area are searching for when looking for products or services like yours.

With the help of listing your profile on Google My Business, we help you become more visible in the local search engine marketing results and easy to find nearby customers by using locally focused keywords.

Local SEO Link Building

We help develop local backlinks that increase your website’s authority and trustworthiness, which can lead your web page to higher rankings in local search results.

Citation Building

Citation building provides listing directories with consistent, accurate, and pertinent information about your company so that customers and search engines can locate it quickly.

Local SEO Content

We’ll produce engaging material that guides potential customers through discovering your business, learning about your products and business goals, and developing confidence in you as an expert- ultimately becoming your client.

Why Local Search is Important for your Business?

Smartphone for Search

According to Google, 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Customers search local

61% of consumers said in a recent local search survey that they search locally every day. 30% of all searches it processes are related to location, also according to Google. 

Google My Business

98% of your customers read online reviews to decide if they want to avail your services or your competitors. 

Grow Your Business with Local SEO Company Oakville ​

Our Local SEO Process

1. Local SEO Audit

We initiate our local Search Engine Optimization process by conducting a thorough local SEO audit of your website and your Google My Business profile. We use white spark and bright local tools to conduct these audits. We aim to find several elements of your local search engine optimization, including how well your Google My Business profile is optimized, your NAP situation, citations, and its name, address, and place consistency.

The second step of the best local SEO audit is to identify the state of your current location reviews on various review websites. We also profoundly understand what kind of local links you currently have pointing to your website. Another vital element to assess during this stage is to identify any local keywords used in your website or your Google My Business profile. The final element is to see your overall website’s performance from an organic SEO perspective, including technical SEO assessment and website performance review.

Based on our findings from the audit as well as conducting a thorough competitor research of your local businesses vicinity, we identify the areas of improvement and opportunity and develop a plan of action that will include a list of tactics that would be deployed across our local SEO campaign to ensure that your performance in the local search improves. Our local seo experts would also identify a complete measurement framework, as per search engine guidelines,  that would help you measure the performance of your local search engine optimization investment and SEO strategies, including local search ranks, position tracking, organic search engine traffic from local searches and conversions from local searches.

One of the essential elements of the first step in our local steam process is Google business profile optimization. In short, optimization of the complete Google My Business profile, including your name, primary business categories, addresses, service areas, business hours, etc., ensure that your Google My Business profile fulfills the criteria of an optimized local SEO profile. Our SEO consultants also help you upload the relevant images that are required for your profile to be complete.

Building local citations is an essential element of local SEO citations are those profiles on various directories and business listings that help tell Google that your business is a legitimate business located in your area. These citations send location-specific signals to the Google search engine algorithms that your business should appear in a geographic area specified by your Google My Business profile; hence we ensure that your citations are built in the most critical and high-authority directories and citation sources. Another element of citation building is to ensure that your nap is consistent across all locations and directories.

5. Local Keywords Research

Using various keyword tools, we identify keywords specific to your industry that customers looking for products and services like yours use to find local businesses.

6. On-Page search engine optimization

Once the keyword research is complete, and we have identified the appropriate keywords to target, we utilize the keyword list to update your current website pages and Google My Business profile to optimize the content with the research and targeted keywords. We update the page metadata, including Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt text, and all other essential on-page elements that need your targeted keywords in the copy.

7. Local Content Creation

Among several SEO techniques to improve content, our SEO experts your team develop content pieces in the required areas of your website to connect with your local customs. Local content pieces have local intent and help tell Google and other search engines that your business is in the specified geographical area.

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Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO is a digital marketing approach that helps local businesses to increase their visibility in Google’s local and search engine results pages. It is done by those businesses whose customers are locally based and have physical locations that the customers can walk into. Suppose you are a small business that wants to sell services and products to potential customers in a particular town, city, province, or area. In that case, we recommend initiating local SEO for your business.

Compared to other Local SEO Companies, Our approach to local SEO is very comprehensive. We perform several steps to rank your business in major search engines in your local vicinity for the targeted keywords relevant to your business. These steps include optimizing your site structure, the Google My Business profile, Review Management, Organic SEO, local citation building, local link building, and creating location-specific pages wherever needed.

Google local pack is a search engine result page feature that shows three or more local businesses and a Google map right next to them. Google shows the local pack feature only in the SERP of those keywords that determine to have a local search intent. Customers are likelier to click on the top three businesses in the local pack as they appear at the top or near the top of the page.

Local SEO works in various ways; one of the most important ways to implement local SEO is by optimizing your Google business profile and ensuring review management and local citations.

Local SEO can be done without a website through Google’s business profile. Though having a website increases the chances of appearing for your local search queries, we recommend developing even the most basic websites to help your local SEO efforts.

Most local businesses have a brick-and-mortar location, as well as those businesses that require people to walk in through their location to get their business done. Businesses that also have multiple locations can also benefit from local SEO as well as small businesses that cater to a particular town or a city

Local SEO takes three to six months to start, resulting in a substantial increase in local football. The overall timing of the initial impact depends on several factors, including the overall organic SEO approach, review management, and citation building

For each location, local SEO costs from $1000 to $2000 per month, depending on the industry’s competitiveness in the local area. The cost can increase if there are multiple locations of your business.

Local SEO services will help you cater to your neighbourhood customer closest to your business. It will help you find clients who are looking for services or products like yours in your local vicinity; hence they are likely to finish their purchase.

Local SEO is part of the overall organic SEO process. Organic SEO is a complete end-to-end process involving: content optimization and development, backlinking technical SEO, On-Page SEO, etc., including local SEO as part of the overall strategy. On the other hand, local SEO primarily focuses on improving the top search engine rankings and results for keywords that are location specific and have a target audience with local intent.

Our Oakville SEO services and digital marketing services are unique. We are transparent in our SEO process and reporting. Compared to other Oakville SEO agencies, our reporting and analytics team helps our clients stay informed on our initiatives and their impact. Our SEO agency believes in result-driven SEO strategies that deliver real business impact. We are not here to fleece you at all. 

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