Owais Q.

I am a real marketer at heart with immense love for marketing and an ongoing journey to become a T-shaped marketer. My passion for the profession can be seen by the fact that I spend at least 10 hours a week upgrading myself through courses and certifications about various aspects of marketing and digital transformation. I never get tired of it. Over the last ten years, I have been very fortunate to lead the development and execution of large brand portfolios' marketing and digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies. I have had the opportunity to manage a team that successfully launched two global brands with GlaxoSmithKline and established them as segment leaders within the first year of the launch. I lead the omnichannel digital transformation project for my business portfolio by launching a customer-centric website, developing digital content, and setting up digital performance tracking metrics. Apart from brand management and marketing strategy, I have also developed high-level digital marketing expertise, especially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Media (SEM). As a digital strategist, I currently manage large monthly SEO projects for my clients, which have resulted in increased traffic for their websites and improved performance on other indicators. I have proven expertise and experience in managing the full spectrum of SEO and SEM projects and tasks such as Keyword Research, Backlinking, Outreach, On-page Optimization, and Content Optimization. I have managed several projects such as website development and launch, website accessibility (AODA), Social media strategy, and Digital Brand Optimization for large law firms and B2B organizations. What keeps me going? I dream of becoming a thought leader in the digital marketing industry and contributing to its digital transformation. Skills - SEO Audit and Strategy - Technical SEO implementation - Digital Analytics - Tag Management and Tracking - Data Studio Dashboards - Google BigQuery - Google Cloud Platform - A/B testing - Google Optimize - A/B Testing Statistics - A/B Test Design Programming Languages: - SQL - HTML - CSS - JavaScript Certifications - Marketo Certified Business Practitioner - Adobe - Digital Marketing Management – University of Toronto - Brand Management Certification – University of Toronto - Certified ScrumMaster - HTML/CSS Certification – Code Academy - Google Ads - Google Analytics - Yoast – Technical SEO Certification - SEMrush – Technical SEO Certification - Conversion Rate Optimization – Mini Degree – CXL institute

Local Digital Marketing for Business in Oakville – Local Digital Ads

Local Digital Ads in Oakville for Local Digital Marketing

Local Digital Ads in Oakville for Local Digital Marketing As a Local business in Oakville, one should recognize the important role local digital advertising plays in your Digital Marketing Strategy success. In this article, we are quickly going to touch upon the importance of local digital advertising as a tactic in your overall Local Digital …

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What are Header Tags?

Header Tags: Everything That You Must Know!

What are Header Tags? Header tags have always been known to define the hierarchy for the content spun around; headers are likely to grab the attention of every reader. Header tags are usually brief but effectively communicate the core message of the concept discussed within the text. Moreover, webpages with headings and subheadings look well-organized, …

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What Are Hreflang Attributes?

What Are Hreflang Attributes

What Are Hreflang Attributes? There are websites from all over the world on the internet, and language obstacles can make it hard for people to communicate. Imagine going online to look for something special and getting search results in a language you don’t know.  Or, imagine that a global company accidentally showed its German website …

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What is an H1 Tag?

What is an H1 Tag?

What is an H1 Tag? There can be several headers on each page or post. The first header that can be seen on a website is the H1> HTML tag, which is normally utilized for the title of a page or post. An h1 is frequently formatted differently than the other header tags on a …

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What is Link Velocity?

What is Link Velocity?

What is Link Velocity? Backlinks – one of Google’s most significant ranking criteria. In other words, Google considers the number of high-quality, pertinent links pointing to your website from other websites and ranks your site appropriately when someone conducts a Google search.  Google’s algorithm functions similarly to a highway cop. You will get caught if …

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